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Cover of Snow

Cover of SnowCover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surreal…this is how I feel as I begin to read, this is how Nora feels as she begins to learn about her husband’s suicide. I love it when readers are drawn into a character’s world through emotion and thought and begin to feel like the character.

Engrossed…I am absorbed by Nora’s desire to discover what she doesn’t know about her husband’s life and to uncover what must have led him to take his life.

There is more than just that. Brendan’s co-workers are not forthcoming with Nora – about anything. She asks questions and they either say they don’t know the answers, or downright lie, as she later finds out. Almost everyone Nora knows in that unpronounceable town has secrets.


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