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The Extra Yard

The Extra YardThe Extra Yard by Mike Lupica

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book has everything!

1) Friendship Four good friends help one another and are supportive without being fake and annoying. Author Lupica does a great job with this, giving kids characters who are modeling good friendship techniques.

Teddy is the boy from The Only Game whom Jack befriended and helped become an athlete and star catcher for their little league baseball team. Over the rest of the summer, Jack and Teddy continued their friendship and workouts – now concentrating on football.

2)Football Teddy has never played football and is very nervous about tryouts. Jack says he is ready! And this is Teddy’s dream – to play this sport.

3)Family Teddy has no memory of his dad living with him and his mom. Guess who shows up a couple of days before tryouts? His dad returns to town to take a nearby job. It turns out he was the star quarterback on Teddy’s school team many years ago with Teddy’s football coach – ugh! A little pressure?

How will Teddy handle football and having his (football loving) dad back in his life?


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