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The Widow

The WidowThe Widow by Fiona Barton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Told from four points of view and spanning almost four years, from the time of the kidnapping to just after the death of Glen Taylor, the story jumps from person to person and back and forth in time.
The Widow – Jean portrays herself in a sort of fog – on purpose, you ask? I picture her as frumpy but The Detective once describes her as small and pretty. Jean Taylor’s story is told in first person. Even as Jean reveals her own story, I wonder what the truth is. Author Barton keeps us in suspense.
The Reporter – a savvy, assertive reporter/journalist, Kate notices details. Kate Waters has the ability to talk to the subjects of her stories as people, as if they are having conversations with her. This enables her to draw information from her subjects. She works for the Daily Post. Kate is married to a supportive oncologist; they have two children.
The Detective – Bob Sparkes is experienced and tenacious. He is married with grown children. His wife knows Bob is too close to this case. Bob is haunted by Bella.
The Mother – Dawn Elliott is the young, single mum, who is kind of sleepwalking through her life. While online in chat rooms, since she can’t go out with friends, she unwittingly places her two-year-old in danger, because she doesn’t keep details about her daughter private. 


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