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The Running Dream

The Running DreamThe Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five, five, five,…. Loved it!
Sometimes I read things without paying attention to them…I read this title a couple times, read a couple of reviews, saw that the reviews were compelling, then, finally, the title caught my eye!
Did you ever have a running dream? I wondered if Jessica’s running dream was anything like my own. As soon as I started reading, I realized that her running dream was probably vastly different from my own. In mine, I wake up on a bright, sunny morning. I put on my workout clothes, have a light breakfast, warm up, stretch, and start to run. My legs are pumping. My arms are moving. Then, I find out I am not making any headway – because my feet are not touching the ground! As hard as I try to make my feet get to the pavement – I cannot do it. I usually wake up at this point.
Of course, Jessica’s running dream is something she thinks she won’t ever realize again. Due to her tragedy, she meets a new friend with a completely different kind of running dream.  No more details – that would give everything away!


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