Study Confirms: The Words We Speak Can Literally Alter Our Brain

Do you ever feel changed when you read a book? Like buoyant when you read a particularly positive book? Or, maybe horribly sad when you read about a despondent character? I find that it is better for me to not read about wives who are bad, very, very bad, to their husbands. When this type of book has ended, I often act unlovingly toward my husband! Maybe this is a similar phenomenon to what this article is explaining.

Study Confirms: The Words We Speak Can Literally Alter Our Brain



On Friday evening I was driving home listening to my own music when the Doors’ Roadhouse Blues came on – a great driving song!

It’s a little funny, however, to hear Jim Morrison tell us “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.” Really? Should he have been giving out driving advice? Yes, it’s lyrics…it just struck me as kind of contradictory to what I would imagine as his driving style especially as he sings later “I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer!”

–Ruth Ann


How can it be that Thanksgiving is upon us? Christmas music – two channels of it – is available on Sirius Radio. (Have to admit, I am listening to it, although it is early!) I haven’t bought my turkey yet and I am expecting more people for the upcoming holiday weekend than I have beds – yikes!

Sandy – the Storm

We Virginians know the storm just brushed us. My sister, Sally, lives in Queens. She was pretty lucky during the storm. Her block didn’t lose power and nothing of theirs was damaged. However. Her husband was off work for a full week. His car has no gas now. Sally’s car has about a quarter of a tank of gas and she knows that a trip, lasting many hours, to the gas station is in her near future.

Sally’s sister-in-law’s family lost power during the storm and are now staying with Sally. This family lives on Long Island and their home has been without power for more than a week.

There is truly nothing I can do to help them. It’s up to FEMA, the Red Cross, the goodwill and good nature of those close by.

Transplant Problems

With relocating, I suppose, I should expect some problems. I was surprised to get a call from my moving company informing me that I would get only a partial delivery of my items from their storage facility during my two-day wait for the moving van. The result is I have lamps with no shades, a bookcase with no shelves, a desk with no top, a dining room with some furniture and no china cabinet,… The list goes on. I asked one of the movers “who is keeping track of what was moved and what is still in storage?” He said he took the original inventory and made a checkmark next to each item he delivered. I sure hope he was accurate!